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Mobile GPS Tracker for Elderly,
Dementia & Alzheimer’s

GPS tracker for Dementia

Aging adults and more often, elderly with dementia can occasionally feel lost or confused, feelings that may cause them to leave their home in search of something they may have a fixation on.. and old home or friend, maybe even a shop they had fond memories of. This is dementia wandering.  It is a common but potentially dangerous symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in elderly.  

If your loved one wanders, a GPS tracker for dementia can help you find them quickly — and prevent emergencies and dangerous situations.

How GPS tracking keeps people with dementia safe

GPS tracking has been available to help people find their way or location for many years. GPS tracking & locating technology in senior dementia devices works with accurate data from space satellites GPS signals to work out your loved one’s precise location on the ground.

Our GPS Dementia tracker is small enough that people wear them throughout the day with ease – on a lanyard around the neck, on a belt clip or wristband. These dementia trackers allow caregivers to know exactly where a loved one is and can help keep them safe.

Our Dementia devices are called by many names. Whether called a GPS tracker for dementia, dementia tracker, dementia tracker locator, dementia GPS Tracker, dementia tracker watch, or a dementia tracking device, they all approximately meet the same need: If your loved one slips out of sight, you can track their movement and see updates of their location. 

These are a few of its features:

  • Set up virtual fences
  • On demand GPS location updates
  • Create custom alerts 
  • Automatic Fall detection

In addition, its audio features let you listen in to their environment, speak to them directly, or set off an audible alarm that lets you find them nearby.

The device comes equipped with an SOS button the person wearing it can use to call you in the case of an emergency. If they feel threatened, scared, or find themselves lost, the button on the device connects to up to 10 different caregivers.